Founded in 2015 by Adam and Charlotte Cameron, The Workers Club is the culmination of a combined thirty years of experience designing luxury, heritage and fast fashion. We create considered garments for like-minded souls – future classics that exist beyond the cycle of trends.

The catalyst for everything we do is fabric. We obsess over it and take every step to ensure that we source and develop the finest yarns from the most innovative and respected mills in the world. The result is a unified collection of luxurious contemporary pieces that have been engineered with integrity, passion and performance.

At The Workers Club, we also believe that form and function should be in equilibrium. It’s why we’re fastidious about every stitch and detail, from the Italian Riri zips to the 13oz denim sourced from the selvedge Mecca that is Okayama. It all amounts to an aesthetic as time-proof as the threads themselves.

The Works

The Works is the ultimate combination of outerwear for men and women and this style will remain intrinsic to the TWC collection as it is wearable through every season. The Works does it all, delivering on every level required of an outerwear piece that is designed to reflect modern life.

“Key pieces we want to become future classics”

The team are focussed on creating a collection of garments that will stand the test of time. Each piece will have the same high level of design and craftsmanship that is expected from a luxury fashion brand.