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Madlib - Shade of Blue 180g Vinyl LP


TWC are proud to announce that we are now stocking a selected few of our favourite albums on Vinyl. These are stocked in very limited quantities. 

Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note is a unique project that turns over the legacy of the esteemed Blue Note jazz label to one of hip-hop's most unique artists, Madlib, aka Otis Jackson, Jr.

Madlib's ability to absorb his influences and reinterpret them in new forms makes him the quintessential artist for a project of this conception. He is considered to be one of hip-hop's most inventive visionaries. Those who know the enigmatic artist confess he is a quiet personality, but what Madlib doesn't reveal in public, he expresses absolutely in the studio – as a very prolific rapper, producer and DJ. Working diligently on music at all hours of the day, he employs any number of MC and production guises.

Madlib first came to prominence as an MC in the hip-hop trio, Lootpack. That group's debut album in 1999, Soundpieces: Da Antidote, released on Madlib's home, Stones Throw Records, received much acclaim – by critics, who praised it as a surprising indie hip-hop triumph, and by artists such as D'Angelo and The Roots' Questlove, who hailed it as their favorite album of the year.

As an MC, Madlib's rhymes are smart, visual and oddly poetic. He sees the world as if he were in a perpetual state of psychedelia, and his crafty verses reflect that kaleidoscopic perspective. His production acumen reflects the same – which makes Madlib's scope as an artist unparalleled in hip-hop.


  • 180g Audiophile vinyl pressing
  • Issued 2017

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