Men's Organic Cotton Indigo Tie Dye Short Sleeve Polo-Shirt


We're super excited to be sharing our very limited run of these beautiful Natural Indigo Tie-Dye Organic Jersey Polo shirts. Crafted by a dear friend of TWC's over in California!

This is a collaboration that we are really proud of. We sourced this regular fit Organic Cotton Jersey Polo Tee for him to take away and tie-dye for us. I'm sure you will agree the results are truly amazing! The natural indigo dye has taken to each shirt slightly differently and will also continue to fade and age beautifully over time. Up your polo game this summer with this Californian sun-drenched tie-dye Polo shirt, it's truly a one-off! Here's a little about the indigo dying process .... (from the master craftsman himself)


I used a Natural Indigo extract in powdered form. The indigo comes from a farm in south India. Natural indigo generally contains anywhere from 15% to 55% indigotin by weight depending on the crop, growing season and harvest.


Chemically, we need to reduce the indigo to make it soluble — we do this with a reducing agent. The reducing agent I used was Fructose, so sugar coming from fruits.


In order for the reducing agent to act on the indigo, a basic environment is required. Chemically speaking, a base is the opposite of an acid. The reduction of indigo requires a basic (alkaline) solution. A recommended base for an indigo vat is calx (calcium hydroxide) also known as lime, pickling lime, or hydrated lime.


Fixing with water and vinegar solution. This shirt is constructed from a superfine organic cotton. Woven and sewn to our specification in the USA, this polo shirt is a comfortable choice for those effortless outfit choices. We'd recommend washing this shirt separately on a low heat at 30˚ and be aware that colour may transfer on to lighter colours.

Key features:

  • Polo Shirt Made in U.S.A
  • Organic Cotton
  • Size & Fit: Relaxed fit
  • Details & Care 100% cotton Machine Wash cool Hang dry