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STILL-London Aurantium Natural Exfoliating Black Soap Block


STILL-London Natural Black Soap Block contains Shea Butter, Plant Ash and Aloe Vera to create a luxurious soap for the body that will gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and leave the skin looking bright and fresh. They have created a blend of powerful natural ingredients that will look after the skin to hydrate and protect it.

The name Aurantium (Scientific name for Citrus) was given to this soap in ode to the 14 different essential oils that have been used to create a woody, citrus fragrance, a beautiful uplifting scent associated with the endless Orange Groves found on the Pacific Coast of California. 

Approx 125g per bar, each bar is hand cut to size

Packaging - Still-London are extremely proud of their packaging and it shows!

The soap block is wrapped in sustainably sourced  Seaweed Paper by Notpla, a sustainable packaging company at the forefront of creating a new future. 

Their mission is to make packaging disappear and are pioneering the use of seaweed as an alternative to single use plastic. 

It only takes 6 weeks for the seaweed paper to completely de compose. 


Made by hand in the UK

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