Summer Sale Picks by Benedict Browne

Menswear stylist, journalist and long-time friend Benedict Browne picks out some of his favourite pieces of our Summer Sale, with select items up to 75% off. With our Autumn/Winter collection launching soon, be quick whilst the last remaining pieces are up for grabs.

What’s not to love about Sale Season? After all, it gives you the opportunity to grab hold of those pieces that you’ve been eager to invest in for some time at a much better price. Meanwhile, the brands are able to off-load stock that they don’t want which is a great thing for them and the environment. Everyone’s a winner.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the team at TWC for some time now – you can read about our first proper encounter here – and have always been drawn to the range of products due to Adam and Charlotte’s dedication to high-quality manufacturing and creating pieces that are designed with substance. So, I was delighted when asked to pick out a few of my favourite pieces from the sale and give some reasons as to why they deserve a place in your wardrobe – from the standout assortment of Made in Japan denim to the silent, swaddling heroes (aka socks) that never fail to comfort you.

1 - Men's Deck Jacket - Olive Ripstop (Made by Mackintosh)

The Deck jacket is easily my highlight piece from this season’s collection for a number of reasons, most notably that it really summarises all the great things that Adam and Charlotte do at TWC. It’s inspired by a vintage USMC HBT herringbone twill Utility jacket, which was a ubiquitous piece of clothing worn by marines in the Pacific War in WW2 through to the Korean War. Call me a brutish nerd, but I simply love garments that are designed for war – they’re masculine, rugged, designed with integrity and for a purpose.

TWC collaborated with Mackintosh to create them (there are four iterations available) and they’ve done, as expected, a cracking job. The fabric is a ripstop, which is light and water repellent, and therefore can be layered with additional pieces in accordance to the changing of seasons. With AW around the corner, I’d pair it with some heavy denim and a cotton sweatshirt.

2 - Relaxed Fit Selvedge Denim Natural Raw Jeans

I’ve been living in the natural raw jeans for almost two years now and they’ve softened beautifully. This is because TWC produces their denim range in a truly authentic way in Japan. First-class raw materials which are then cut and sewn using old-school machines that can’t be topped and create nice effects such as the roping on the hems. 

I was once averse to the idea of wearing natural denim, but it’s striking and provides a great base to apply colour year-round. The fit hits the sweet spot, too. It has a nice taper and enough room around the thighs to accommodate my annoyingly chunky legs. I’d buy them again without hesitation, but I’ve got my pair and they’re in for the long run (as all proper denim should be).

3 - Long Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt in Chambray

The combination of chambray and a long sleeve camp collar shirt was always going to be a winner. Chambray is a cloth that consists of a blend of cotton and linen, which is therefore great for warm weather, that gracefully loses its colour and becomes personal to you. Meanwhile, a camp-collar shirt is a classic that’s transcended its workwear roots into being a must-have garment for all kinds of situations.

TWC works with genuine artisans in Chennai, India, who weave and construct each and every shirt. I love the fact that TWC works with such talented people and it really shows in the quality of the product. Given that summer has been largely non-existent, I’m remaining hopeful that we will in the UK be blessed with a glorious late August and September, which will give this shirt ample opportunity to be worn on its own. 

 4 - Short Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt IKAT

Another camp-collar shirt? Why not? You really can’t have enough in my opinion as they’re incredibly useful and there are so many great options out there, including this IKAT version. Again, this has been produced by TWC’s partners in Chennai, India, who’ve created it using an ancient process that dates back centuries. What it means is that the warp yarns are gathered like a pack of spaghetti and dyed by hand according to the design (in this case a vertical stripe, each a little different throughout). It’s labour intensive work and the fruits of it are pretty special.

With plenty of time left to grab some sun – whether at home (fingers crossed) or abroad (the wiser choice) – it would be first in line to be packed in my carry-on bag.

5 - Technical Navy Unlined Blazer

Tailoring has changed significantly in recent years and the events of the last year or so have only accelerated it. Now, soft and versatile tailoring with a workwear-edge and some performance benefits are the go-to and I’ve always liked TWC’s Made in England take on the style. The unlined blazer looks smart and more than office-appropriate thanks to the navy nylon and due to that being water-repellent it’s extremely useful; you don’t have to worry about creases or dry cleaning bills, and it can be neatly folded in your bag once your meeting has come to an end.

6 - 3 Pack Cotton Socks

Last but by no means least, you can never have too many socks. Whilst to many they might be an afterthought, TWC has always paid great attention to creating excellent socks that are great value for money and they do this by making them in England using high-quality cotton.

Whether they give you a little pop off colour when worn with denim or sported around the house with your trusted pair of Birkenstocks, they’re loyal soldiers that will bring you serious comfort at all times.

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