TWC Worn Your Way Part Eight: Dan Watson

Dan wears our TWC selvedge denim jacket in indigo rinse

First of all can you introduce yourself to our audience and explain a little about your background/ career to date?

Hi there. Dan here from Source Studio. My background is very much design and photography based. I currently work with a number of brands on creating content and assisting with design based projects. 

What is your connection to TWC & how did you cross paths with the brand?

I have worked with Adam for a number of years now, mainly shooting their online product shots and also helping out with lifestyle shoots. 

What drew you to select the pieces that you chose to wear from TWC’s collection?

Whilst shooting TWC in the studio, I have the luxury of seeing the whole of the coming season. These pieces really appealed to me as they are so wearable and stand as staple pieces through the season! 

Dan wears our TWC selvedge denim jacket in indigo rinse

Dan wears our TWC Mens Long Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt (Chambray)

What does good style mean to you?

Style can be very subjective. Personally, I’m always drawn to low-key individuality and whatever feels right for that person! 

Your work celebrates details of design- can you share some of the creative process of how you explore and create your work and photography?

When it comes to photography, I am very much inspired by what I've seen whilst travelling. Whether that be from the streets of Hong Kong or the vibrant streets of Marrakesh. 

Do you have an ultimate/favourite item of clothing that you own?

That’s a tricky one. However, I do wear an old Orslow jacket I bought a number of years ago. It’s a great hardwearing jacket with a load of pockets that’s perfect for work to throw lenses in!  

Can you define your style?

Comfort and functionality is a big deal for me when it comes to clothing. I also like things to be understated! 


 Dan wears our TWC Mens Long Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt (Chambray)

What makes you happy?

I love travelling and exploring new places and also documenting this through photography. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Not to overthink things. If it makes you happy, do it! 

What have been your lock-down essentials over this period of the pandemic?

Milton, my cat! I love that guy! 

What would be your pick for one desert island album?

Tricky one. I’d have to say Method Man ‘4:21... The Day After’. I listened to that a lot growing up, and it brings back some great memories! 

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