Aaron wears our TWC made in India camp collar cord shirt.


First of all can you introduce yourself to our audience and explain a little about your background/ career to date

My name is Aaron Christian. I’m a director, producer and film maker. I’m a born and bred east Londoner. After graduating in film from Kingston I went on to found individualism. Which at the time was a creative collective for those that couldn’t get into the industry. It was a leader in the digital menswear space. The success of that site then helped in my path to getting a position at MR PORTER where I was running the film department and helping them establish themselves as one of the leading global companies for fashion film and content.

I now run my own moving image content studio focusing on fashion, design and culture. Founded a community called THE ASIAN MAN which helps celebrate stylish South Asian men and a podcast called WHAT IS THIS BEHAVIOUR which covers conversations with south asian’s going against the grain.

All my work across mediums focuses on themes or culture and design with the aim to explore, celebrate and champion under appreciated cultures.

What is your connection to TWC & how did you cross paths with the brand?

During my time as film director at MR PORTER. I was fortunate to be working on the launch of the first kingsman collection. At that time I was helping put together a documentary of the process. It was during those trips that I met Adam who was part of that orginal founding team for the collection.

Aaron wears; TWC x Mackintosh packable parka and our TWC x Mackintosh wool gilet


What does good style mean to you?

Good style for me is a combination of confidence, understanding fit and then injecting personality into what you wear and how you wear it.

What drew you to select the pieces that you chose to wear from TWC’s collection?

As I get older my wardrobe seems to be getting more refined. I’ve always found that shades of blue are pretty difficult to get wrong. I was drawn to the denim chinos as that wider fit seems to work well with my body shape. Oh and I ran all the other pieces by my Wife who’s a stylist and we landed on that piece too. So I felt comfortable and my wife (who sees me the most) gave it the thumbs up too thats a no brainer.

Aaron wears; TWC x Mackintosh reversible bomber jacket and TWC denim pleated chinos


Do you have an ultimate/favourite item of clothing that you own?

A navy wool shacket (shirt jacket) I feel you chuck it on with anything and it works so well. You can layer it, it never pills and just fits perfectly.

Can you define your style?

Classic, Minimalist with a hint of workwear.

When it comes to clothing, how important is what you wear to you?

I've worked in menswear for the last 10 years so it’s pretty important. It’s not only to make me feel confident, but wearing great clothes sets my mood for the day. Ever since I could remember, what I wore was important, it was a way to projecting your personality to the world. In school the only thing we had agency over was the shoes and school bag so I’d always look at how I could express myself through those items.

Given the impending second lockdown - What’s on your lockdown to do list this time round?

So last lockdown I threw myself into personal projects and it was great. An amazing podcast was born that has been embraced by so many people and I managed to really rework my company branding too. This lockdown I think I’ll try to give myself a little more space. Finding the balance and enjoying an empty calendar for once.

Aaron wears; TWC x Mackintosh wool gilet, made in India camp collar shirt, TWC pleated denim chinos and our made in the UK merino wool socks.

What makes you happy?

A lot of things:

  • Being locked away in a cinema and being transported to a new world through amazing films for two hours.
  • Spending time with friends and family.
  • Travelling and discovering new cultures.
  • Laugh attacks.

Like Charlotte and I (the founders of TWC) - You and your wife both work in fashion - how is that for you?

TBH it’s constantly changing, so we are both always adapting. Iman previously worked for NET A PORTER the same company I did a few years back and has now moved over to freelance. So it’s the shared space, and time we give each other, finding a balance of spending time on our business / careers and each other.

Fashion will always be part of our connection and conversation. It's what we are both passionate about, so we do speak about it a lot, but as we’ve both left working directly within the industry we try to have a healthy relationship with it now. Working in it can be draining and you have to remind yourself you’re in a very specific bubble. Being on the edge and choosing when to dip in and dip out I feel has allowed us both to appreciate the best parts and leave those worst parts of the industry out.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

1. Find out what stories you are uniquely positioned to tell, and go tell them. Dont wait for permission to do so.


2. The higher up the ladder you get you realise, no one really knows what they are doing :)

For me that second one is so funny and powerful ;lol

Aaron wear the TWC x Mackintosh Autumn Shell Jacket 

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