Our Story

“Future classics for like-minded souls”

Founded in 2015 by Adam and Charlotte Cameron, The Workers Club is the culmination of a combined thirty years of experience in luxury, heritage and high street fashion.The Workers Club stands for form and function in equilibrium, which is why they are fastidious about every stitch and detail, from the Swiss Riri zips to the 13oz denim sourced in Okayama. It all amounts to an aesthetic as time-proof as the threads themselves.  

“Fabric is what sets us apart”

Based in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, The Workers Club are purists when it comes to fabric, fit and construction. Their debut garment, an all-purpose coat named ‘The Works’ took six months to perfect and has since become a core design, illustrating the brand’s signature layering concept. TWC have firmly established themselves as an antidote to fast fashion. Rather than working to a fashion-led calendar, they are dedicated to building an entire wardrobe for their customer; a collection of timeless essentials that reflect modern living.

“Every detail is justified”

The Workers Club takes its name from a 1920s Constructivist concept set up by Aleksandr Rochenko, a work space of sorts, designed to encourage collaboration and productivity; apt for such a brand as TWC who take pride in working closely with suppliers and manufacturers that offer the very best, be that in the heart of Japan’s ‘denim village’ or a family run mill in Scotland.

“Performance with long-lasting appeal”

Proud to buck the trend, the team are focused on creating a unified collection of seasonless garments that stand the test of time. In their quest to create the ultimate wardrobe, TWC believe in longevity beyond transient fashion trends. Instead, they are inspired by their own customer and seek to create a considered range that adapts to modern living. Each garment is engineered with integrity, passion and performance. The TWC handwriting is impeccable quality and craftsmanship; the kind found at the hands of a luxury fashion brand. In fact, The Workers Club is a lifestyle brand in spirit, driven by a passion for well-made, can’t-live-without essentials, be that selvedge denim or woollen socks.