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Charcoal Oral Care Trio - Takesumi - Bamboo Toothbrush


Still produced in an earthen oven, according to the ancestral know-how, the tabby bamboo wood is burned for 3 days between 800° and 1000°.
Bamboo charcoal, called black diamond, is one of the rare ingredients with a very wide spectrum of uses.
Very porous in composition, it has the peculiarity of adsorbing and retaining 3 times more pollutants from air and water than a conventional activated carbon. Its adsorption surface is 3000m2/gram.
It is also an excellent absorber of odor and moisture. It is naturally charged with negative ions and naturally attracts toxic particles to it. It remineralizes running water thanks to its content of silicic acid, calcium and potassium. It reduces the proliferation of microorganisms and regulates the pH of the water

Instructions to use: 

1) Brush your teeth with the toothbrush infused with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal mineralizes and slows down the proliferation of bacteria.    

2) 1 to 2 times a week, add a pinch of bamboo charcoal powder (takesumi) to your toothbrush. The mirconized powder, ultra fine, allows safe use. It mineralizes, purifies, deodorizes and whitens teeth.

3) Every night, disinfect your toothbrush with the disinfecting ceramic beads. Place the beads in the base of a cup and add water. Place the toothbrush into the cup of water, the balls prevent and kill 99% of the viruses and bacteria present on the toothbrush.

This pack contains: 1 toothbrush +1 takesumi powder 10g+15 disinfectant ceramic balls.

Made in Japan

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