Garment Refresher - Coastal


TWC believe that the best way to take care of clothing (especially Raw denim) is to wear them the items for as long as possible before washing. In the case of raw denim, we're talking months if not years! That way the denim will crease and fold to fit your body and over time you will achieve your very own unique patina. But, jeans can take a real battering while this process evolves so our good friends at Norfolk Natural Living have created this great product; A Garment Refresher - gently mist over your jeans or any clothing that needs to feel and smell fresh, then leave to air.

The natural antibacterial properties of this refresher will leave Coastal notes that work to neutralise odours and revive your denim until you decide it's time to wash them. 

When that time comes, be sure to use our own TWC Sea Salt Denim wash. 


Details & Care
  • Coastal Garment Refresher
  • 300ml
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All packaging is recyclable

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