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STILL-London Sage, Juniper & Cedar Incense 15g


100% vegan and cruelty free handcrafted incense - white sage, juniper leaf and cedar essential cold pressed oils 

This scent comes from the idea of South American ancient sacred rituals: the idea of people coming together in a space to bless it and feel connected and at one with their surroundings. We use a blend of dalmatian sage, juniper and cedar leaf to create an herbaceous and richly wooded scent that is reminiscent of burning smudge sticks and incense wood. Sage in particular has been used for thousands of years to ward off evil as well as re-balancing the air to create a calmer mindset.

Our incense sticks are handcrafted using only the finest natural ingredients. They are scented using the purest essential oils which create little smoke and a non toxic environment. Going back to old traditions, all incense was made like this and each scent has a heritage to its formulation that connects with a distinct part of the world that is intrinsically linked to STILL London.

Burn Time Approx. 1 hr.

15gr (approx 15 sticks)

Made by hand in the UK

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