He's back! Jamie Ferguson does "TWC Worn your way'

He’s back! 

Jamie Ferguson does “TWC Worn Your Way”

Four years on from his last feature for us, Jamie Ferguson is back with a bang!

Jamie Ferguson’s creative background has seen him seeking something original in the fashion photography business. Finding himself entering the ‘obscure universe’ of the fashion industry, Jamie took some initial inspiration from online streetwear blogs like the Sartorialist, seeking something different from what was in magazines - something more authentic and unwaveringly personal. Jamie’s reputation for eccentric photography grew with his work at Drake’s, and with cumulative photoshoots under his belt, and a growing passion for capturing style, Jamie took the gamble and began his own freelance career.

It wasn’t until the wrathful 2020 that Jamie began taking playful self-portraits, now his signature. Initially, centring his work upon himself was a matter of necessity, as he was his only available subject in the encroaching solitude. This is when we last worked with Jamie for his inaugural 'TWC Worn your way' project. Interest grew in Jamie as a model as well as a photographer, with his jovial and spontaneous style in front of the camera becoming a trademark. For us it's important to give Jamie the freedom to style our items as he wishes, often alongside his own clothes, to evoke an authentic and homely response to the collection of clothes being featured.

Let’s put the fun back into menswear!

This notion of authenticity was developed in Jamie’s 2019 book ‘This Guy’, with an especially candid take on menswear street photography, also available in our store. Jamie intended to break the restrictions of professionalist photography, with a focus on getting to know the men he photographed. The result was a collection of photographs which captured not only the striking style of these men, but also the personality behind the sophistication. It is exactly this which he replicates in this latest *twcwornyourway photoshoot.
Take our Grey Osney Sweatshirt, for example, which Jamie rocks with a pair of shades, super fade jeans and layered with a wool unstructured blazer, elevating the look with an ease of comfort and lived in realness.
This is what he does, football is optional!  
The sweatshirt is a timeless piece, a classic wardrobe essential crafted from 100% cotton in a super-soft brushed-back jersey. Its part of our Club Classics Collection so it's always in stock and works with everything.
Jamie’s photography is an antidote we all need - in turbulent times, the power lies with independent brands to rise above the parapet and send a strong message. 

Clothes are worth celebrating, so let’s put the fun back into menswear!


Featured items
Image 1: Here Jamie wears TWC Chambray Shirt, White Iffely Tee, and our Bedford Chore Japanese Denim Jacket, along side his own chinos. Image 2: Jamie wears TWC Bedford Chore Japanese Denim Jacket & Seafoam Iffley Tee and Varsity socks, along with his own chinos and sweater. Image 3: TWC Chambray Shirt and Varsity sock, with his own DB Blazer and Carpenter pant. Image 4: TWC Grey Osney Sweat, White Iffley Tee and Varstiy socks, along side his own jeans and blazer. Image 5: TWC Birch Indigo Japanese Denim Jacket and Varsity socks, back with his own Carpenter pants. 

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