Introducing The Workers 'Club Classics'

Introducing The Workers Club Classics; a new evergreen capsule from TWC that explores the idea of modern staples. Pieces that work collectivley or alone. Expertly crafted for the individual who has impeccable taste

Before we get into it, we want to take you back momentarily to the height of the pandemic when social distancing measures were heavily enforced and we were all restricted to virtual interactions with one another. It was a dark period for us all, as not being able to create moments of joy with our friends and family was disheartening. But, that wasn’t to mean that the restrictions inhibited us from being able to ignite our imaginations and revisit happy times from before the pandemic with the help of a catalyst, such as music. 

With us being unable to see customers and friends in the shop and attend meetings with our longstanding suppliers, we were rather touched when we heard from our community that Adam’s weekly DJ sessions performed via Instagram Live, which were just for a bit of fun, provided moments of respite and connected us during the lockdowns. This was largely in part due to the fact that the records Adam played (which you can shop here) would all be considered classics in the purest sense. From Bowie to Bicep, and irrespective of age or background, those anthems unite us – they’re ones that we all know and have fond memories of listening to with our family, friends and even with nameless people on nights out. 

When Charlotte could prise Adam away from his record player and his subsequent moonlighting as a superstar DJ, this period also presented them with a healthy amount of time for introspection and ideation. It got them thinking: if music can unite us all in such a way, why can’t clothing? And, if clothing is to bring us together, what are the core characteristic traits of them? This brings us to Club Classics.

Whilst Club Classics isn’t a new collection per se, as the pieces within it have always been offered, it’s very much a new concept. While many of the items within Club Classics could be considered ‘basics’, that classification is, if anything, a disservice to the crucial and everyday role they play in the modern wardrobe, which should contain pieces that are versatile, long lasting and can be worn year-round. 

To offer a music analogy, one could say that The Beatles wouldn’t be The Beatles if it weren’t for the key roles George Harrison and Ringo Star played throughout the band’s glory years, as they allowed John Lennon and Paul McCartney to shine bright and take centre stage. Whilst the former two might not get anywhere near the same recognition as Lennon and McCartney, their talent and contributions were immeasurable, and they’d no doubt be warmly welcomed into any other leading band of the time. We like to think that idea can be prescribed to our Club Classics collection, for not only do they allow you to add more statement-like pieces into your outfit, but they’re also highly effective as stand alone garments. They’re versatile and malleable, and when made to a high standard, they’re utterly dependable.

Each and every piece in our Club Classics collection has been made by our trusted manufacturing partners in Japan, India, Portugal and England, using materials that we firmly believe will provide years of comfortable wear and via manufacturing techniques that we stand by. They’re designed to be interchangeable and worn in a range of ways time and time again. Much of this is thanks to the colour palette of navy, grey, and neutral tones, which provides immense versatility. Not only that, but the cuts and silhouettes that they create are timeless, and this is something we will never alter.

With this idea in mind, we’ve produced this new lookbook - our 'style edit'. We hope it provides you with inspiration for simple but effective styling, whilst also encouraging you to perhaps step outside your comfort boundaries. Above all, though, we want it to help deliver the message that this collection is one way of unifying us through an understanding of perennial style and appreciation of quality garments. 

We don’t want to go into too much detail, as we have many stories to tell you this year about our Club Classics range – including one new creation for us. But for now, we hope to inspire you to think differently about those key pieces at your disposal which we believe are the backbone of a sustainable wardrobe. 

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As usual, whether we are talking about designs, music or ideas, right on point!

Richard March 18, 2023

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