TWC - Made for Like minded souls. A phrase so important we weave it into the labels sewn into our garments; and the inspiration behind creating our brand.

Like Minded Souls is a new journal series that explores the diverse community of customers who shop with TWC. An eclectic range of people, that like us, care about quality, craft, provenance, individual style and being comfortable with who they are. Kicking the series off is Ryan, a Graphic Designer based in New York City (our home away from home).

Ryan, what lead you to live in New York?

I was born in Virginia and, although I grew up in England, I’m fortunate to have an American passport. It had always been a dream to live there (thanks to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and after recovering from significant surgery at 28, I’d reached a bit of a “now or never” window.

So, I found a job, packed a couple bags and a month later was living in Brooklyn.

What is one thing you now do in the morning, that you couldn’t live without (coffee excluded)?

Nothing! Specifically “do nothing” taking 10 or 15 minutes - not to rush, but just to chill, say hi to my dog, and enjoy being in bed for those few extra moments.

There were days I used to get up at 5:30am to get to training before work - I’ve since reworked a lot of my schedule to be able to enjoy my mornings.

How do you avoid distractions?

I don’t. I don’t tend to procrastinate too much but I definitely let myself get distracted, for a lot of my work - solving problems means taking time to think, not rushing or forcing decisions. I’ve been trying to teach myself patience.

How do you find inspiration in your work?

Great designers steal. I find most of my inspiration comes from others.

Tell us something new you’ve recently learned?

I’ve been learning a new language. I’d tell you more but it’s part of a prank that I don’t want to spoil.


What’s your trick for good sleep (if you get it?)

I’m usually exhausted most evenings, so I fall asleep pretty quickly. Staying asleep is harder. If I wake up, I have to try to not let my brain start switching on: no screens, no lights.

Worst case scenario, I get up and distract myself, and usually I’m fairly tired again within an hour. It’s not perfect, but I try not to dwell on things I can’t control.

How do you overcome stress?

I still haven’t figured that one out. I’m a disconnector, for better or worse, I try to avoid conflict. So removing myself from situations to give myself time to reset and re-approach. I’m doing nobody any favours if I try too hard to push myself through them.

As fans of NYC (and having lived there ourselves), what’s your new favourite local? (Restaurant, bar or cafe)

I’m a big believer in the dive bar scene in New York. These spots aren’t new, but they’re new to me. My go-to recommendations would be:

American Cheez in South Slope, Brooklyn is probably my favourite bar, very chill, great staff, a ton of 80’s/90’s memorabilia, usually some films on the TVs and cheap pizza to have with your beers.

Rocka Rolla is my go to intro bar for most visitors to Brooklyn though, right next to G and L train and a good selection of drinks - then next stop, down the road is Commodore, a bar that does great fried chicken and southern bites.

What do you miss about Blighty?

Kind of wild but the food. I much prefer shopping and cooking (and eating) with the produce I find in U.K. supermarkets.

And then the comfort food takeaways like a curry, a shish kebab or fish and chips, haven’t been able to match that in NY.




Can you tell us what you like about the TWC pieces you own? The Teddy Gilet, Chambray Shirt and the 005 Relaxed Tapered jean? Why do they work so well for you?

I’m trying to smarten my wardrobe a little - fewer hoodies and t-shirts.

To that end I’ve been shopping more in outfits or combos, things that pair together well - or work well with other items to create layers. The TWC pieces are all great base’s to build and combine with other items, and the Teddy Gilet specifically adds a mature, textured overlayer without looking like a 'silicon valley tech bro'.

We love that both you and your brother Luke are both fans of the brand from alternate sides of the Atlantic, How does your style differ from Lukes

I’d say mine is more city centric, skinnier fits, t-shirts, bomber jackets, white sneakers, ideal for jumping on a subway or bar hopping.

Luke’s style is more diverse, he brings in far more textures and fits, experimenting with weights and fabrics - creating different silhouettes with tougher wearing outerwear when he’s on the road shooting (photos!).


 Thanks to both Ryan and Luke for taking part in our inaugural Like Minded Souls Journal and special thanks to Luke (below) for the amazing photography.

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