It's a family affair


Adam recently invited his parents (Neil and Ruth), along with his son (Noah), down to the new TWC Marylebone store. It presented an endearing opportunity for three generations of Camerons – each with their own unique involvement in TWC – to experience the new shop together... And to dine on some Italian pasta in the sun.
We asked Noah, Adam and Charlotte's 16-year-old son, to write about his experience growing up with TWC – an insight into a son's view of his parent's work and a teenager's opinion on the fashion industry from afar. 



My parents started The Workers Club when I was 8 years old, and thanks to them, I was raised in a creative environment with two parents who inspired me to think for myself and to stand out from the crowd. Watching TWC from the touchlines, I experienced the gruelling nature of the fashion industry, and through my parents, I was taught invaluable lessons about the paramount qualities of hard work and originality in business. 
In 2014, my parents decided to leave stable and senior positions within the fashion industry to focus solely on building up TWC one garment at a time. Under constant interrogation about the brand’s identity, they have always ensured the dignity and honesty of high-quality clothing and customer prioritisation shines through. TWC has evolved far beyond what my 8-year-old self imagined: from the barn in our local village to a shop on the quaint Goring-on-Thames high street – and now to a store on one of the most highly acclaimed streets in London, Chiltern Street. And yet, my parents still have more to unleash.
The unique strands of countryside DNA are cardinal to TWC’s identity – the comfort of a pair of hunting socks and a woollen gilet really soothes the woes of walking the dog up Blewburton Hill on a bleak winter morning. However, I am excited to see how my parents adapt to city life and the subsequent evolution of their brand. 
I recently tried the 005 raw jeans and cannot wait for a pair of my own – I am also keeping an eye on the yet-to-be-released cumin shetland sweater. It remains to be seen whether I’ll need to wait for birthdays or resort to nicking stuff from my dad’s wardrobe…
I hope to one day fully immerse myself in my parents’ work and develop a greater understanding of TWC. But, for now, I know two things for certain: this brand is not for the faint-hearted and (as much as I hate to admit it) I have the coolest parents in the world.
Thanks, TWC.

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