A Reflective Start To A New Decade

This New Year welcomes a new decade and for us at TWC a time for reflecting on the past few years that have seen us channel our industry experience and passion into starting our brand (something we had thought about since studying), watching it grow and gather momentum, which is truly amazing.

Where has the time gone? As a husband and wife partnership, we live and breath the business and have spent many, many hours working late, early and overseas to make this happen, we still do. This isn’t about product for us. It’s about passion for a look and a quality that is recognisable to us at TWC, independent of others - although we admire many - and with a respectful nod towards heritage, fabrics and craftsmanship.

Over the past four to five years we have met some fantastic people; people we work with now, as well as in the past and also customers who have stayed faithful to the brand during our relatively short life-span early years. Some have amazing stories to tell. We are indeed a business that produces for 'like-minded souls', but still also a  best-kept secret’. Although we like that phrase, we want to concentrate on 2020 being the year that we're truly discovered.



Our last A/W campaign saw some stand-out pieces throughout a collection that gained a good level of attention. Moving into 2020 and the promotion of our SS20 offer, we still see massive importance in the delivery of our story. (full stop) We aim to kick start the year with a heavy focus on our passion for denim, something that will always remain a key pillar to the business.

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you enjoy the 2020’s as part of our growing community!

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