Introducing the 'TWC Workers Brew'

It was a while ago now that we discovered TwoH and their amazing coffee roasting company. As we’re insane coffee lovers here at TWC we had to get in touch with these guys and arrange to meet. 

After enjoying copious amounts of various blends we soon realized that these guys knew a thing or two about good coffee!


What we love about TwoH is simple; much like our ethos here at TWC, we strive for the same goal: To create a product at the best possible quality it can be and to reach out to fellow like minded souls and share the love! 

We also believe as do TwoH that successful business is built on great relationships, so working with fellow independent UK brands that are as fastidious as we are about ‘buying less but better’ is pretty special. 

Here at TWC we can’t live without a good coffee; much like wearing a favourite pair of jeans, it’s a necessary component to achieving the best version of oneself; don’t you agree? 

So, fast forward a few months and we have now worked together to create our very own TWC x TwoH ‘Workers Blend’. 

We think it’s delicious, strong and can certainly pack a punch which is exactly what we need to get through a busy creative day here at TWC HQ.

We now want you to enjoy it too. So, for a few weeks, we are giving away our new and unique ‘Slow Pour’ coffee pouch so you can try it for yourself. It’s perfect when you’re travelling, wherever you are, especially when quality can’t be guaranteed.

We will soon be stocking this unique blend in both ground and bean form in various sizes, so keep an eye out for this launch very soon. 

Do get in touch if you’d like to pre order.

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Looks delicious and would definitely like to try it! (and I am a tea drinker!)

Libby perry April 22, 2020

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