TWC Worn Your Way 'Part Four'

Next up we invite Ryan Thomas to select an item from the AW18 collection. 

Ryan wears The Workers Club Printed Parka.



To put it simply, Ryan just gets us. As Digital Editor at The Rake, Ryan is all about quality, provenance and timeless design; we certainly have a few things in common. After first visiting us at our barn two years ago, we’ve since built up a great relationship and are thrilled to have recently launched on The Rake. 


What attributes make a great brand stand out to you? 

For me there are a number of factors that make a brand stand out and get noticed. Quality of construction and provenance of fabrics is a big one as it shows me that the creatives behind the brand have taken serious steps to craft the best product they can and haven't cut corners. That ties in with the brand's story and ethos. Its DNA has to make sense to me. Brands with a definable aim or vision are the ones which resonate the most with me. Then there's originality. Brands that can consistently evolve while still being true to their aesthetic are really interesting to me. 
What drew you to select the blue camo parka from TWC’s AW18 collection?
The parka is a classic military silhouette but Adam and Charlotte have tweaked the silhouette, the fabric choice, the fasteners in such a way as to reinvent it in a really modern way. The result is a piece of outerwear that feels fresh, contemporary and extremely versatile. I've worn it casually with denim but also over a softly tailored navy wool suit and sneakers. The camo print has been rendered in such a way as to evolve it from its military heritage. The silhouette is also cut to be slightly oversized but the cotton is still really lightweight, making it an ideal layering piece. It bridges that divide between streetwear-inspired outerwear and smart-casual coat. 


What’s on your Christmas list this year? 

I've definitely got my eye on some TWC selvedge jeans! They're such a good investment and I know just how much time Adam and Charlotte have put into unearthing the very best Japanese denim. Cotton quality makes a huge difference to the longevity of denim and how well they age. I'm also gunning for the waterproof Leica X-U - I'm planning on embarking on some escapades next year and the X-U is a seriously rugged camera to journal them with.

What’s your ultimate favourite item of clothing that you own?

That's a tough one! I've got a Brunello Cuccinelli wool, cashmere and alpaca jacket that just feels so good on. I've had it for about 5 years and every year it gets a little more slubby and worn to that point that it feels like a second skin. It proves my point about construction quality and provenance of fabrics - some brands you pay a premium for hype, others the premium is for tangible quality. Earlier this year I picked up a tobacco brown linen suit by Drake's, who offer amazing value. I wouldn't really call myself a suit guy but I found myself reaching for this particular suit time and again this summer. I've always been a little apprehensive about linen but the way this suit has worn in is amazing.



Cheers Ryan! 


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