TWC Worn You Way 'Part Five'

Next in our series of 'Worn Your Way' We call upon our new favourite model Jonathan James Turner to select an item of his choice from our AW18 Collection. 

Eagled-eyed TWC devotees might just recognise Jonathan from our AW18 campaign. As a tailor, stylist and model, Jonathan knows menswear and has an old-school, timeless look that sits perfectly with our brand vision. A native Londoner with a glint in his eye that has something of the Cary Grant about it, he has that enviable ability to truely ‘own’ his style and bring clothes to life.

Jonathan wears our 'Made in Italy' Merino Wool Naval Sweater in Navy.




In the words of Oscar Wilde, can you ever be overdressed? 

I’m going to have to disagree with Mr. Wilde. I certainly do believe you can be overdressed. I’m more a dress for the occasion kind of guy!


What drew you to select the Naval Sweater from TWC’s AW18 collection?

I really liked the blue of it and the chunky collar and thick waistband.


What’s on your Christmas list this year? 

Honestly, I don’t have anything on my list this year but I suppose a nice pair of high waisted selvedge denim jeans would be a lovely gift ;)


What’s your ultimate favourite item of clothing that you own? 

My favourite item of clothing would have to be my vintage GH Bass Weejuns that were handed down to me by my dad. He bought them 23 years ago when GH Bass was still being produced in the states and they still look great. The leather on them is still fantastic all these years later, they have kept their shape and they still have that cool Ivy look to them.

Thank you so much James, 

See you soon for our AW19 campaign! 

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