TWC Worn Your Way 'Part Six'

In our final instalment for our AW18 collection 'Worn Your Way' we invite George Glasgow Jnr to select an item from our AW18 collection. 

We were lucky enough to work with JKF MAN once more when he visited George in the West End. What could be better than hanging out around Mayfair chatting with and photographing this gent! 

Some men just exude class and style; George Glasgow Jnr, CEO and Creative Director of George Cleverley Shoes is one such man.  A born-and-bred Londoner, George splits his time between Cleverley’s Mayfair shop and Los Angeles. It felt only right we captured him outside his Royal Arcade boutique wearing our Navy Shell Jacket and carrying the TWC Briefcase Bag. It’s an often overused term, but Cleverley’s handmade shoes really are the epitome of luxury. What better to pair them with then, than a pair of our Yellow & Grey mix socks? A match made in bespoke-shoe-heaven we think…


When it comes to menswear, how important is it to you? 

It is very important.  Life is about stories and the origins of how things came about.  For me, I love to know how a style first got its design and its history.  Craftsmanship is is unique and a work of art so should be appreciated.  

What drew you to select the Navy Shell from TWC’s AW18 collection?

It was an item that my wardrobe was lacking.  Something which was casual yet stylish.  Given that I’m spending more time now in London it was perfect for what I needed this winter!

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

I have some cashmere items.  I also want a new laptop case which I’m having my workshop make me now which is going to look stunning.  Olive green alligator on one side and calf on the other.  Will be totally unique!

What’s your ultimate favourite item of clothing that you own? 

 I would say 1786 Russian Hide bespoke Cleverley’s are the most unique!  I also love my cashmere jacket with the lining of my wife inside from Len Logsdail in New York.  Both beautiful pieces and totally unique! 

A huge thank you to George and Jamie!

From all at TWC


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