TWC Worn Your Way 'Part Two'

Here at The Workers Club, when we often ask ourselves "Who is the ultimate TWC guy?" Well,  Karim is the perfect fit. In fact, he was our very first customer.

After seeing our debut launch on Mr Porter, Karim wasted no time in picking up the phone to find out more about our ‘The Works’ Outerwear concept. Fast forward a few months and Charlotte was hand-delivering a bespoke made Shell Jacket.

Guys like Karim are the reason we do what we do and he remains one of our most loyal supporters.

Karim wears the Merino Naval Sweater in a soft Olive hue, beautifully knitted in Italy. 


 Jamie (@jkf_man) travelled to Paris to meet with Karim Zeriahen, you can see for yourselves the results are pretty magnificent - A beautiful Parisian autumnal afternoon sets the scene perfectly. 



Karim is a highly regarded Film maker and video artist, which may explain his attention to detail and impeccable taste! 

We chat to Karim to learn more about the man behind the Camera:

"When it comes to small brands, how important is the thrill of discovery to you? »
For me the thrill comes when a product or a brand matches a certain philosophy of life that I share.
Like joining a club.
"What drew you to select the Soft Khaki Naval Sweater from TWC’s AW18 collection? »
I liked the color first, quite coutryside everyday wear, then I liked the tiny details.
"What’s on your Christmas list this year? « 
Visiting lots of museums in the US (where it is going to be cold I guess)
"What’s your ultimate favourite item of clothing that you own? “
I would say my favorite is a thin cashmere navy blue sweater from a small brand I bought in St Moritz.


The Workers Club AW18, worn your way.

Huge Thanks to Jamie (@jkf_man) and of course Karim Zeriahen.

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